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  • Being James Bond - A Fantastic New Film Available On-Line

    Given Daniel Craig's now highly celebrated portrayal of James Bond, it is hard to imagine that the public and media response to his unveiling was mediocre at best.

    Just released on-line, a fantastic new film "Being James Bond" provides a very candid reflection of Craig's sixteen or so years as 007. 

    You can watch it here!

  • The Films We Are Looking Forward To In 2022 (Jan to Jun)

    There is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding movie release dates, with distributors keen to avoid competition for their expensive film releases.

    But, we do have an up to date calendar and a whole bunch of amazing trailers, so here are some of the films we are looking forward to in the first half of 2022!

  • Spider-Man Shows Why Cinemas Aren't Dead Yet

    As Spider-Man: No Way Home breaks box office records around the world and quickly passes the $1B box office mark, we (with help from the excellent news website, Vox) take a look at the outlook for cinemas in these troubled times.
  • The Matrix Resurrections: It's Time To Return To Wonderland

    The repeated references that The Matrix makes to Lewis Carroll's 1865 novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland are unmissable, from the "white rabbit" and "down the rabbit hole" to Neo’s very own "Wonderland".

    It is therefore perhaps fitting that the trailers for The Matrix: Resurrections make so many obvious reference to the earlier films of its own franchise.

    Today, it is time to take another trip in to The Matrix...

  • Pulp Fiction - One Litigious Movie Poster

    When Quentin Tarantino's second film opened on 14th October 1994, it began screening at 1,100 U.S. movie theatres.

    There was one problem - there was something wrong with the movie poster!

    Twenty-seven years later, the Pulp Fiction movie poster is the subject of a second legal wrangle...

  • It's Blockbuster Time! Winter 2021 Release Dates and Trailers...

    As we write, Daniel Craig's magnificent swansong is smashing Covid-era box office records. It's official, the cinema is back!

    So, stick your straw in your Coke and try not to spill your popcorn as we take a look at all of the major releases in the run-up to Christmas!
  • Some Fantastic New Movie Trailers Just Released!

    Whether you love super-heroes, sci-fi or thrillers, the recent crop of new movie trailers has something for everyone.

    Here they are for you to enjoy!

  • Cinema and Streaming – A New Battle Ground

    In 2019 UK cinemas took over £1.255B at the box office. In 2020 that dropped to a ‘mere’ £296M.

    Following the reopening of cinemas on 17th May, what are 2021 revenues like? 

    If they are down, is COVID the only culprit?

  • Are You Ready For The Suicide Squad?!

    When Disney and Marvel (temporarily) severed ties with Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, it was no surprise that DC stepped in. The result? A contract to write and direct THE Suicide Squad, featuring a collection of the most degenerate delinquents in the DC line-up.

    Released today, 30th July. Are YOU ready for The Suicide Squad?

  • A New Trailer for Villeneuve's DUNE!

    Three months before it hits the big screen, a brand new trailer for Denis Villeneuve's DUNE has been released and Warner have kindly given us access to some early digital posters and production photos too!
  • A New Bond Poster!

    As two years worth of Summer releases begin to hit the big screen, the posters are starting to come thick and fast!

    Just arrived - the new poster for Daniel Craig's last outing as 007 - No Time To Die...
  • See You At The Movies

    As I write, England is one week away from 'Step 3' of the removal of COVID related social restrictions. This includes the reopening of "... indoor entertainment such as museums, theatres and cinemas"!

    This step feels special.

    As they often do, Marvel have channelled their inner Stan Lee to sum it up beautifully in a short film that does far more than plug their upcoming films.