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  • Breaking News - A Trailer for Dune!

    With over 12 million copies sold Frank Herbert's 'Dune' is the best-selling science-fiction novel of all time.

    Despite being a cult favourite, David Lynch's 1984 adaptation disappointed many fans and movie goers.

    It would take a brave director to step up to the plate and give the book a 21st Century movie. Luckily, Denis Villeneuve is some director.

    Due out in December 2020, a new trailer has just been released for 'DUNE' - watch it here!

  • Breaking News - A Brand New Trailer for Bond 25 'No Time To Die'!

    It's here! A brand new trailer for Bond 25 'No Time To Die', now scheduled to hit the big screen in November.

    There is even a new poster design too...


  • Tenet - The First Corona Era Block Buster

    As we published our 'Look Ahead At The 2020 Blockbusters', who could have predicted that cinemas would be closed for five months?

    It probably needs an epic from a major director to encourage us back.

    Who better than Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, Interstellar, Dunkirk, Inception) to tempt us with the first Corona era Blockbuster - TENET!

  • Batman and Wonder Woman - Two Brand New Trailers!

    This weekend DC treated us to two brand new trailers!

    Gal Gadot returns as Diana Prince in 'Wonder Woman 1984' and we get a first glimpse of Robert Pattinson as a rebooted Caped Crusader in 'The Batman'...


  • The Best Bond! What Do You Think?

    James Bond first hit the big-screen in 1961’s ‘Dr. No’. Over the space of forty-nine years and twenty-five films, six men have donned the black tuxedo and answered to the call ‘007’.

    It is perhaps unfair to suggest that one actor is a better personification of Ian Fleming’s super spy. All the same, the Radio Times asked the question and 14,000 readers responded.

    The results are, perhaps, a little surprising…
  • UK Film Streaming - Top 10 for July 2020

    Especially now, movies are as important as ever. We all need some escapism and many of us are getting our film fix at home. Many are even turning a small corner of our home in to a home cinema / theatre.

    But what are we watching?

    We turned to our friends at streaming search engine justwatch to find out...

  • BREAKING NEWS - A New Trailer for Bill and Ted!

    For those of us of a certain age, it is unbelievable that is over thirty years since we first met ‘Bill S. Preston Esq.’ and ‘Ted Theodore Logan’.

    Slated for release in August, “Bill and Ted Face The Music” promises to be a long awaited laugh in these most troubled of times.

    The first trailer and a glimpse of the advance movie poster were released last week.

    See them here!

  • 2020 Movie Releases - Updated Dates and New Trailers...

    On the 4th March 2020 a seven month delay to the release of Bond 25 “No Time To Die” was announced. We took a deep breathe. 

    Over the coming days, the scale of the global pandemic became clear and one-by-one studios announced delays to their 2020 blockbuster releases.

    With the caveat that no one really knows what will happen over the coming months, here are the currently forecast release dates and the latest trailers for the best of those movies.

  • Lock-Down Viewing - Mark Kermode's Take On The Spy Movie...

    Given that in last week’s post we focused on the Bond movies, I make no apology for plugging Mark Kermode’s Secrets of Cinema once again.

    In the latest (and final episode of the series) he takes us on a fascinating journey through the spy movie...

  • National Theatre Live – Now Streaming In Your (Locked-Down) Home…

    A few months ago, long before any of the current madness descended, we enjoyed an amazing evening at our local independent cinema. Not to watch a movie, but to virtually visit the theatre and to watch the amazing James Corden in ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’. 

    With the social distancing lock-down in place, you can’t visit the National Theatre, nor can you watch one of their productions in the cinema, but, thanks to National Theatre At Home, starting this week, you can watch ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’ from the comfort of your own arm-chair...

  • An Amazing New Trailer And Poster From The Unique Wes Anderson...

    Since the turn of the century, few directors have established as distinctive a cinematic vision as Wes Anderson.

    We were excited to see the release of a new trailer for his upcoming movie "The French Dispatch", or, more correctly "The French Dispatch of the Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun".

    You can watch it (and see the amazing movie poster), here...

  • EMPIRE Magazine's 100 Greatest Movies of the Twenty-First Century (So Far!)...

    In their March 2020 edition, the superb EMPIRE magazine chose their ‘100 Greatest Movies of the Century (so far!)’.

    We were quite surprised by their number one pick.

    What do you think? Which film would be yours?