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  • Escaping Marvel and DC: Alternate Comic Book Adaptations…

    It is impossible to escape that this summer saw the release of two more superhero movies from the omnipresent cinematic universes of Marvel and DC. 

    That is just the start, with Shang-Chi, the Eternals, Black Adam and The Flash just a few of those bringing their special powers to a cinema near you.

    This week Lee Adams takes a step back and reminds us that there were heroes long before the MCU and DCU exploded on to our screens.

  • An A to Z of 1970s Cult Movies - Part 2

    From lost films to midnight movies, pagan cults to vengeful assassins, sweet transvestites to lesbian vampires... can you dig our A to Z of 1970's cult movies?

    Part 1 was last week, here is Part 2.


  • An A to Z of 1970s Cult Movies - Part 1

    From lost films to midnight movies, pagan cults to vengeful assassins, sweet transvestites to lesbian vampires... can you dig our A to Z of 1970's cult movies?

    Part 1 this week, with Part 2 following next.


  • A24, The Indie Film Company Movie Buffs Love To Love…

    Over the last nine years, A24 has become something unique - a film production and distribution company whose name generates as much buzz as the director or stars.

    As this month sees the release of the Val Kilmer documentary, Val, and David Lowery's long-awaited take on Arthurian Legend, The Green Knight, Lee Adams takes a good look at the A24 film catalogue...

  • Summer Love-In: My Top 10 Summer Movie Picks

    Summer is here! Isn't it?

    If you get the right venue with the right crowd of people, there is little better than kicking back on a hot evening with a few beers and enjoying a well-chosen summer flick.

    This week Lee Adams puts on his sun-shades and flip-flops and chooses his top 10 summer-vibe movies!

  • The Masked Critic: The Ten Best Movies Of The Last Decade

    Did you know that the current decade didn’t start until 1st Jan 2021?

    Neither did we. Once we knew, it seemed like a good excuse to look back at the films of the last decade. We asked a friend with good movie related credentials. They wanted to remain anonymous, so we’ll call them ‘The Masked Critic’, a sort of cinematic Stig.

  • Ode To Action: A Tribute To Action Sequences

    Since the earliest days of cinema, directors have pushed the technology of the day to thrill and excite the movie goer.

    So, we were delighted to stumble across a very special homage, four and a half minutes of the greatest explosions, car chases and destruction scenes the cinema has ever scene...

  • Football on Film: 133 Years of Hurt Never Stopped Me Dreaming…

    As the belated Euro 2020 football championships get under way, frustrated Ipswich Town fan Lee Adams considers where soccer movies sit in the fantasy film league table.

    Come on [England / Scotland / Wales / Denmark / France / Germany / Czechia / etc]* ! 

    * (delete as appropriate)

  • Withnail and I, & I: Growing Up With A Cult Classic

    Over thirty years on, time has been kind to "Withnail and I". It has aged like one of Uncle Monty's fine wines and now graces many lists of the best British films ever made.

    This week Lee Adams, our very own Withnail, I and Uncle Monty, takes a very personal look back at Bruce Robinson's deadpan masterpiece.

  • The Rise of the Franchise, A Grumpy Green Ogre and Yellow Budgie-Smugglers: 2001 in Retrospect

    Is it really two decades since Lord of the Rings, Shrek and Harry Potter hit the big screen?

    This week our resident film guru, Lee Adams, looks back at the cinematic year that was 2001.


  • 10 Weird And Wonderful Films That Will Get You Hooked On Czech Cinema

    If your lock-downs have been like ours, you have binged watched everything that Netflix has to offer and have wrung the dregs out of your Prime Video subscription. Perhaps it is time for something new?

    This week, our resident 'British film critic abroad' Lee Adams takes us on a journey through his favourite Czech film oddities.

    Check them out! (I know, awful pun.)

  • The Film Behind The Poster - Lolita (1962)

    In our blog series “The Film Behind The Poster”, we select a favourite from our collection of guaranteed original vintage movie posters and take a good look at the film that the poster promoted.

    In this, the fourth in the series, we have chosen a stunning linen-backed one sheet poster for Stanley Kubrick's 1962 controversial tour de force, "Lolita".