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  • Top Gun: Maverick - Take My Breath Away (Again)

    Premiering in New York City on May 12, 1986, Top Gun would open at 1028 U.S. movie theatres a few days later. At the end of its theatrical run, it had taken $357M at the box office.

    Now, after thirty-six years, it is time to zip up our flight suits, climb in to our cockpits and fire up the after-burners. It is time for Top Gun: Maverick!

  • From Shawshank to the Overlook: 10 Best Stephen King Adaptations

    This month sees the release of Firestarter, a remake of the 1984 pyrokinetic horror starring Drew Barrymore.

    This film is just one of dozens based on the works of Stephen King, so Lee Adams braced himself for jump-scares and put together a list of his favourites…

  • Journey to the Centre of the Nineties: The Most ‘90s-ish Movies of the Decade - Part 2

    Independence Day, Romeo + Juliet, The Usual Suspects… we had some big hitters in Part One, so which movies will make up the Top 15 as we continue our Journey to the Centre of the Nineties?

  • Journey to the Centre of the Nineties: The Most ‘90s-ish Movies of the Decade - Part 1

    We have been lapping up 1980's nostalgia for over two decades but what about the 1990's?

    Lee Adams decided that they needed a bit of love and set off to pick thirty movies that define the decade as a whole. Not necessarily the best movies of the decade, but the most ‘90s.

    Here is part 1. Do you agree with him?

  • 10 Great Revisionist Westerns

    Other than Chris Rock receiving a slap in the kisser from Will Smith, another major talking point at last month's Oscars was the under performance of the revisionist western The Power of the Dog.

    The revisionist western has been around far longer than the genre it was revising in the first place, so this week, Lee Adams puts on his Stetson and picks his ten favourites..

  • Future Suck! My Favourite Movie Dystopias

    Cinema has seen the future, and it usually sucks.

    Last Christmas we even celebrated the second coming of Neo and Trinity in The Matrix Resurrections, which got Lee Adams thinking about the best (or is the worst?) of dystopian movie fantasy…

  • From Hogwarts to Wayne Manor: Robert Pattinson, Actor

    As Robert Pattinson's The Batman holds on to the Number 1 spot at the UK and US Box Office, Lee Adams takes a look at some of the roles that have made the English actor one of the most interesting performers working in Hollywood right now.
  • Jim Carrey At Sixty

    Jim Carrey made us all feel really old by recently turning sixty!

    So we thought now would be a great time for our own Ace Film Detective, Lee Adams, to take a look back at the rubber-faced man's eventful career…

  • Irwin Allen and Roland Emmerich: Masters of Disaster

    Last week's Storm Eunice reminded us that the master of disaster, Roland Emmerich, is up to his old tricks again this month with Moonfall, so just before a celestial body descends from the heavens, Lee Adams takes a look back at the uneven history of the disaster movie…
  • Screen Voices: From Animated Shorts to Ubiquitous A-Listers

    The perfect match of vocal talent and on screen character can make an indelible impression.

    As Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania is released without Adam Sandler as the excitable, proud, overbearing Count Dracula, Lee Adams takes a look at some of the best movie voice-overs of all time…

  • Being James Bond - A Fantastic New Film Available On-Line

    Given Daniel Craig's now highly celebrated portrayal of James Bond, it is hard to imagine that the public and media response to his unveiling was mediocre at best.

    Just released on-line, a fantastic new film "Being James Bond" provides a very candid reflection of Craig's sixteen or so years as 007. 

    You can watch it here!

  • New Year’s Resolutions: In Movies!

    Happy New Year! Now 2022 is here, it’s time to start making and breaking those resolutions for the next twelve months.

    Our resident film buff, Lee Adams, looked up some of the most common New Year resolutions, threw in a few of his own, and matched each with a classic movie pairing. Enjoy!