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  • The Artists - The Movie Posters of Robert McGinnis

    In the 2014 book “The Art of Robert E. McGinnis”, the artist states “Painting is addictive. There is never enough time, never enough satisfaction … Nevertheless, painting is a good friend and I’m fortunate to be blissfully under its spell.”

    That probably explains why, in a career now well into its eighth decade, one of the most successful commercial illustrators of the twentieth century is still producing stunning works of art.

    In this blog post we pull together about six month’s research to try and show all of the movie posters of this phenomenal artist and illustrator...

  • The Artists - Steve Chorney and the Stunning Poster for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

    Over recent weeks, one movie poster (for Tarantino's 'Once Upon A Time in Hollywood') has attracted more attention than any other.

    The question everyone has been asking us? “Who illustrated that?”. The answer? "Mr Steven Chorney".

    We reached out to him and were blown away when he agreed to have a chat.

    We've packed the post with his amazing artwork. Enjoy!

  • Video Now On-Line - Masters of the Illustrated Film Poster...

    Back in June we featured a chat with movie poster illustrator Paul Shipper, focussed on an upcoming panel discussion at July's San Diego Comic-Con. 

    "Masters of the Illustrated Film Poster" featured eight talented illustrators discussing their influences and the impact that the illustrated movie poster has had on their lives.

    For those of us that couldn't make it to San Diego, the full panel discussion is now available on-line. So, grab a cup of tea / coffee / juice and relax, you can watch it below...

  • The Artists - Richard Davies - Captain America and the French poster for Looper...

    Every now and then we come across a poster that stops us dead in our tracks. It’s happened twice recently, first with an unofficial poster for “Captain America : The First Avenger”, and then secondly, with the official French poster for the fantastic sci-fi thriller “Looper”.

    Imagine our surprise to find that they are by the same artist, the phenomenally talented Richard Davies. We tracked Richard down in deepest Carmarthenshire and were thrilled when he agreed to have a chat with us.

  • Now this is exciting! Masters of the Illustrated Film Poster...

    With the current trend for 'secret' extra scenes, I imagine we have all sat through the credits to a recent movie. 

    Ever seen “Movie Poster Artist” in there? No, neither have we, and, that is a real shame.

    So, we were excited to see that this year's San Diego Comic-Con (the most significant annual comic and pop culture festival in the world and celebrating its 50th year) includes a special panel entitled “Masters of the Illustrated Film Poster”.

    We reached out to Paul Shipper of Paul Shipper Studio to find out more…

  • The Artists - The Movie Posters of Drew Struzan

    Ever walked past a movie poster and thought "that film looks good" even though you haven't seen the trailer? We all have. Movie posters are powerful.

    At their best, they capture the magic and energy of an entire feature film in an image roughly 27 inches across by 40 inches long.

    They can make, or break, a film. Yet, only rarely do the extremely talented artists behind them get a mention. There aren't many movie poster superstars.

    But, there are a few, and, Drew Struzan is one of them...

  • The Artists - The Movie Posters of Bob Peak

    In a previous post to the Original Movie Posters Blog, we looked at the major movie poster artists of the late twentieth century. In this, we take our first deep dive in to the work of one of those legends.

    To kick off, "the father of the modern movie poster", Robert "Bob" Peak.

    Together with a short bio, we include every movie poster by Bob Peak that we are aware of...

  • The Artists - The Red Dress Studio and the Artwork for ITV's Endeavour

    When we aren’t out looking for original movie posters, one of our favourite past-times is to settle in at home, to turn on the T.V. and to watch a good British detective programme - even the non-Brits reading this will know ‘Miss Marple’, ‘Hercule Poirot’ and ‘Midsomer Murders’.

    So, a Sunday evening a few weeks ago, the Art of the Movies team settled down on the sofa and turned on the television to watch the long-awaited 6th series of 'Endeavour'.

    This is what we saw, and, it made us sit up and take notice… 

  • Movie Poster Artists - A Chronology

    We opened our blog series 'The Artists' with a look at the birth of the movie poster in the late nineteenth century.

    In this, the second of the series, we outline a key period that 'The Artists' will cover and provide a downloadable Infographic showing a Chronology of the most prominent movie poster artists - many of whom this blog series will take a look at.

  • Movie Poster Artists - An Introduction

    At Art of the Movies we are passionate about the artistic value of original vintage movie posters. In this blog entry we introduce a new series of posts on the artists who have helped evolve the art form. We start by exploring the origins of the first movie posters...