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  • It's Official(ish)... Movie Posters ARE High Brow!

    Monday nights are one of our favourites. Dinner in front of the TV watching quizzes on BBC 2!

    A few weeks ago, I nearly spilled my meat and two veg over the sofa as the varsity quiz took a really interesting turn... a round on movie posters!

    Let's see how you do against the finest minds in the U.K....

  • Polish Movie Posters - A Brief History...

    Prior to the virus, we spent a bit of time in Krakow, Poland. It is a beautiful and welcoming city, a destination that we would recommend.

    Amongst the amazing architecture, music and art we learned a lot more about Polish posters and in particular, the distinct form that is the Polish Movie Poster...

  • What Is A Theatrical Still?

    In the latest post in our 'Learn About Movie Posters' series, we take a close look at theatrical stills and their important role in the production and publicity of a movie. 

    What are they?

    What were they used for?

    And what is the role of the Unit Still Photographer?


  • Framing Movie Posters – What to Look For In A Frame…

    Our mission is to get more original movie posters where they belong – in to a frame and adding something special to a stylish home.

    But what should you look for when buying a frame for your movie poster?

    To help, here is the thinking behind our own range of movie poster frames…

  • The Worst Movie Posters of All Time? No Way!

    Over the Christmas break we found a book we had not seen before. Written by Gregory J Edwards and Robin Cross, it’s title was more than a little intriguing to the movie poster lover…

    Published in 1984, “Worst Movie Posters of All Time – A Treasury of Trash” promised to ‘sterilize me with fear’ and that within its pages ‘… shame exploiters compete with each other for the supreme accolade of WORST MOVIE POSTER OF ALL TIME…”

  • Why Are Most Modern Movie Posters Double-Sided?

    Today, nearly all movie posters are printed double-sided. It wasn’t always that way. It wasn’t until the late 1980s / early 1990s that it became common practice.

    It is more difficult and it is more expensive. So why bother?

    In this blog post we answer the question "Why are movie posters double-sided?"

  • What is a Movie Poster Light Box?

    Have you noticed the movie posters at your local cinema?

    They radiate light, just like the movie screen.

    Ever wonder how it's done? 

    It's the magic of a cinema light box...

  • How Many Times Do You Visit The Cinema? UK Cinema Attendance 1935 - 2018...

    How many times did you visit the cinema in 2019? We averaged a couple of times a month. Given what we do, I imagine that's not a surprise.

    What about the average cinema goer? How has that changed over the past few years? 

    We decided to do a little research with the help of the excellent UK Cinema Association. What we found was a surprising and fascinating story...

  • Joker - All of the Movie Posters...

    As our favourite movie of the year becomes the first ‘R’ rated film to take $1B at the box office, rumours abound of a possible sequel.

    The movie posters for the film have been in high demand and the studio, agencies and distributors have excelled with some stunning images, using both art-house film-stills and illustration from some fantastic contemporary artists.

    In this week’s blog post, we pull together the ones we have found, and those that still elude us…

  • What is a Press Book?

    For many of us, the only examples of movie publicity that we come across are the movie posters that we know and love, but they are only one part of the huge marketing campaign that accompanied a film.

    Dating back to the 1910s studios have produced ‘press books’ to encourage a cinema manager to push their film harder than any other.

    To bring that to life, we take a good look at a film from 1969 and its press book, Guy Hamilton’s all-star World War II thriller “Battle of Britain”...

  • The Original Movie Poster Blog's First Birthday!

    This week marks the first birthday of the Original Movie Posters Blog - sixty-nine posts showcasing movie poster history, movie poster artists (old and new) and the latest in movie news.

    Thank you for reading and being a part of it!

    In celebration, this week we are going to take a look at this rare and intriguing Star Wars poster...

  • What are Teaser and Advance Movie Posters?

    When looking through our Catalogue of original vintage and contemporary movie posters, you will come across posters described as ‘advance’ or ‘teaser’ movie posters.

    In this blog post we take a look at what those terms mean…