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The Original Movie Posters Blog

  • Banksy - The Accidental Oscar Nominee...

    From its infancy, film has attracted visual artists who like to push the boundaries of their art form.

    Whilst Duchamp, Dali and Warhol set out to become film-makers (with varying levels of success), one fell in to it by accident, and, almost won an Oscar...

  • The Films of Stanley Kubrick

    In a career spanning forty-eight years, he was personally nominated for thirteen Academy Award Oscars, winning one. His films were nominated an incredible twenty-seven times, winning nine.

    Including a downloadable timeline, in this post we take a look at the thirteen feature films and three short films directed by the incredible Stanley Kubrick.

  • The Films of The Beatles

    Formed in Liverpool in 1960, by the time of their break-up, only a decade later, ‘The Beatles’ had changed the face of popular music forever.

    Those ten frenetic years saw the production of twelve ground-breaking albums (five of which won the “Album of the Year” Grammy), three-hundred and five songs (of which seventeen reached number one in the U.K.) and five films (one of which received an Oscar).

    In this blog post, we take a look at those five films, perhaps the most underrated part of the fab-four's work.