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  • The Master of Horror: John Carpenter, Director

    Forty years after it crashed and burned at the box office, John Carpenter’s masterpiece The Thing recently made a triumphant return to the big screen.

    To celebrate, we take a look at the career of the incredibly influential “Master of Horror”.

  • From Shawshank to the Overlook: 10 Best Stephen King Adaptations

    This month sees the release of Firestarter, a remake of the 1984 pyrokinetic horror starring Drew Barrymore.

    This film is just one of dozens based on the works of Stephen King, so Lee Adams braced himself for jump-scares and put together a list of his favourites…

  • Journey to the Centre of the Nineties: The Most ‘90s-ish Movies of the Decade - Part 2

    Independence Day, Romeo + Juliet, The Usual Suspects… we had some big hitters in Part One, so which movies will make up the Top 15 as we continue our Journey to the Centre of the Nineties?

  • Journey to the Centre of the Nineties: The Most ‘90s-ish Movies of the Decade - Part 1

    We have been lapping up 1980's nostalgia for over two decades but what about the 1990's?

    Lee Adams decided that they needed a bit of love and set off to pick thirty movies that define the decade as a whole. Not necessarily the best movies of the decade, but the most ‘90s.

    Here is part 1. Do you agree with him?

  • From Hogwarts to Wayne Manor: Robert Pattinson, Actor

    As Robert Pattinson's The Batman holds on to the Number 1 spot at the UK and US Box Office, Lee Adams takes a look at some of the roles that have made the English actor one of the most interesting performers working in Hollywood right now.
  • Jim Carrey At Sixty

    Jim Carrey made us all feel really old by recently turning sixty!

    So we thought now would be a great time for our own Ace Film Detective, Lee Adams, to take a look back at the rubber-faced man's eventful career…

  • Irwin Allen and Roland Emmerich: Masters of Disaster

    Last week's Storm Eunice reminded us that the master of disaster, Roland Emmerich, is up to his old tricks again this month with Moonfall, so just before a celestial body descends from the heavens, Lee Adams takes a look back at the uneven history of the disaster movie…
  • Wishing on a Star: Steven Spielberg, Director


    As Steven Spielberg's reworking of the musical classic West Side Story opens world-wide to rave reviews, Lee Adams takes a look at the director's incredible career to date.

    Is Spielbergian a word? It is now!

  • Bill Murray: The Great Obnoxious One

    From Groundhog Day and Ghostbusters to Lost In Translation and Ed Wood, chances are he has appeared in one of your favourite films.

    Wes Anderson loves him too. He is an ever-present in the director's incredible ensemble casts. As The French Dispatch finally plays in UK cinemas, Lee Adams takes a look at the enigmatic career of Bill Murray.

  • A Slice of Fried Gold: Looking Back at the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy

    As Edgar Wright’s long awaited Last Night in Soho finally makes its theatrical release, Lee Adams takes a look at the three films that made him one of Britain’s most popular directors...
  • Denis Villeneuve: The Director for His Time and Place

    As Dune (Part 1?) hits the big screen, our very own man for his time, Lee Adams, takes a look at the phenomenal rise of Canadian director Denis Villeneuve.

    Who would have thought that his first English-language film was only as far back as 2013?

  • Tom Hardy: From Teen Tearaway to National Treasure

    As Tom Hardy once again plays the dual role of Eddie Brock and the antihero alien Venom in Venom: Let There be Carnage, Lee Adams takes a look at the British actor’s colourful career to date...