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  • Breaking News - The Return of Willow Ufgood...

    How many of us remember the adventures of brave Nelwyn dwarf, Willow Ufgood?

    George Lucas and Ron Howard's 1988 fantasy adventure "Willow" introduced us to a magical world where biblical stories intertwined with western mythology to lead an unlikely hero on a difficult and dangerous quest.

    Disney had some exciting Willow related news to share recently...

  • Christmas 2020 - Last Order Dates!

    Christmas is approaching as fast as the Polar Express and Santa will be making deliveries before we know it. (No doubt with a mask over his flowing white beard.)

    Here are our recommended ‘last order’ dates for delivery within the UK by Christmas...

  • It's Official(ish)... Movie Posters ARE High Brow!

    Monday nights are one of our favourites. Dinner in front of the TV watching quizzes on BBC 2!

    A few weeks ago, I nearly spilled my meat and two veg over the sofa as the varsity quiz took a really interesting turn... a round on movie posters!

    Let's see how you do against the finest minds in the U.K....

  • Congratulations to Movie Poster Legend Drew Struzan!

    Each year, the Society of Illustrators adds a small creme-de-la-creme group of illustrators to its Hall of Fame for "their distinguished achievement in the art of illustration".

    2020's elite group included movie poster legend Drew Struzan!

    You can watch the wonderful tribute film here...

  • 2020 Film Releases - The Latest News...

    Back in May we updated on the corona impacted release dates for the 2020 blockbusters. A lot has happened since then and it has taken its toll on UK cinemas and movie theatres world-wide.

    Here are the latest published release dates for films originally due for release in 2020...


  • UK Film Streaming Charts for September 2020

    Two months have passed since the reopening of cinemas and the latest UK Cinema Association's attendance figures show that attendance has only grown to 15% of the pre-virus level.

    Let's take a look at what we have been watching instead, safe within our homes, with the Top 10 films streamed in the U.K. in September, with help from our friends at JustWatch...

  • Polish Movie Poster Quiz - The Answers

    Last week's blog post provided a fun quiz based on the unique Polish take on twentieth century movie posters. (If you haven't found it, do take a look before you open this poster!)

    This week, we give you the answers!

    How many did you get right?

  • Polish Movie Poster Quiz - How Many Can You Recognise?

    In last week's blog post we provided a brief introduction to Polish movie posters and we also promised you a Polish movie poster quiz, so, here you go!

    You will know ALL of the films but some of the posters are easier to identify than others.

    How many can you identify? (No cheating!)

  • Polish Movie Posters - A Brief History...

    Prior to the virus, we spent a bit of time in Krakow, Poland. It is a beautiful and welcoming city, a destination that we would recommend.

    Amongst the amazing architecture, music and art we learned a lot more about Polish posters and in particular, the distinct form that is the Polish Movie Poster...

  • Breaking News - A Trailer for Dune!

    With over 12 million copies sold Frank Herbert's 'Dune' is the best-selling science-fiction novel of all time.

    Despite being a cult favourite, David Lynch's 1984 adaptation disappointed many fans and movie goers.

    It would take a brave director to step up to the plate and give the book a 21st Century movie. Luckily, Denis Villeneuve is some director.

    Due out in December 2020, a new trailer has just been released for 'DUNE' - watch it here!

  • What Is A Theatrical Still?

    In the latest post in our 'Learn About Movie Posters' series, we take a close look at theatrical stills and their important role in the production and publicity of a movie. 

    What are they?

    What were they used for?

    And what is the role of the Unit Still Photographer?


  • Breaking News - A Brand New Trailer for Bond 25 'No Time To Die'!

    It's here! A brand new trailer for Bond 25 'No Time To Die', now scheduled to hit the big screen in November.

    There is even a new poster design too...