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  • The Stars of Movie Posters Quiz!

    Given the fantastic response to our earlier movie poster quizzes, we have devised another!

    Everyone has their favourite actors and the best of them can amaze us with their versatility. With modern make-up and CGI, they are often almost unrecognisable.

    Below you will find ten fantastic actors. All have played a range of roles in major films. We have taken some of their movie poster images and combined them.

    How many can you identify?

  • Visiting a Virtual Museum - The Hollywood Art Museum

    In these unsettled times it is hard to know when many will feel safe enough to amble around a museum or art gallery, yet alone travel Internationally to sample another culture.

    World over, cultural institutions are working hard to adapt and to present their story in new ‘no contact’ ways.

    A fantastic example that pre-dates our Covid-19 world is the amazing Hollywood Art Museum, packed full of Star Wars and movie poster goodies!

  • Framing Movie Posters – What to Look For In A Frame…

    Our mission is to get more original movie posters where they belong – in to a frame and adding something special to a stylish home.

    But what should you look for when buying a frame for your movie poster?

    To help, here is the thinking behind our own range of movie poster frames…

  • BREAKING NEWS - A New Trailer for Bill and Ted!

    For those of us of a certain age, it is unbelievable that is over thirty years since we first met ‘Bill S. Preston Esq.’ and ‘Ted Theodore Logan’.

    Slated for release in August, “Bill and Ted Face The Music” promises to be a long awaited laugh in these most troubled of times.

    The first trailer and a glimpse of the advance movie poster were released last week.

    See them here!

  • The Pixelated Movie Poster Quiz - The Answers

    In last week's blog post we published The Pixelated Movie Poster Quiz. For reasons we haven't been able to fathom, some Apple devices refuse to show the answers when the pixelated posters are clicked.

    So, for all those frustrated by not being able to get the last one or two answers, here they all are!

  • Quiz - The Pixelated Movie Poster Quiz!

    Following the fantastic response to our 'An A to Z of Movie Posters' Quiz, here is our latest family friendly round for your next lock-down quiz!

    We have taken fifty well-known movie posters and pixelated them. In some cases we have taken off the name of the movie too as that would have been just too easy!

    Whilst everyone will know most, there are a couple of harder ones in there too.


  • 2020 Movie Releases - Updated Dates and New Trailers...

    On the 4th March 2020 a seven month delay to the release of Bond 25 “No Time To Die” was announced. We took a deep breathe. 

    Over the coming days, the scale of the global pandemic became clear and one-by-one studios announced delays to their 2020 blockbuster releases.

    With the caveat that no one really knows what will happen over the coming months, here are the currently forecast release dates and the latest trailers for the best of those movies.

  • Celebrating Graphic Designer Bill Gold...

    This year, prolific graphic designer Bill Gold would have been 99 years old. 

    We will cover his work in more detail in a later blog post, but, as today marks the third anniversary of his passing, here are a few of our favourite Bill Gold designed posters and a wonderful short film from CBS...

  • The Artists - The Movie Posters of Frank McCarthy

    You are mesmerised by a dynamic movie poster from the 1960's. A rugged and earnest hero is in peril as an army of toy soldier figures swarm against an exploding background.

    The chances are, you are looking at a movie poster by the legendary Frank McCarthy.

    In a posting to our 'The Artist' series, we take a look at this artist's amazing body of movie poster work...

  • Quiz - An A to Z of Movie Posters!

    Even if you aren't a movie poster nerd, you will know far more movie posters than you realise.

    They capture an entire film in one image. Often, when you think of a film, it is the movie poster that you picture, rather than a specific scene from the movie.

    So, here is our first movie poster quiz. An 'A to Z' of movie posters. You will know all of the films - but how many can you recognise??

  • Harry Potter and the Greatest Movie Posters That Never Existed…

    Starting in 2001 with “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” (released in the U.S. as “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”) Warner Brothers transported us to fantastical places, faithfully recreating the Wizarding World of J.K. Rowling – and what about that movie poster!!!

    As the second film came to fruition and posters for “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” began to appear, something had changed…

  • Essential Lock-Down Viewing - The Man Behind The Poster...

    Caught up with Breaking Bad? Giggled your way through every Adam Sandler film on Netflix and watched every episode of Friends (twice)?

    If so, it’s time for some ‘lock-down’ culture, movie poster style!