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  • The Films of Stanley Kubrick

    In a career spanning forty-eight years, he was personally nominated for thirteen Academy Award Oscars, winning one. His films were nominated an incredible twenty-seven times, winning nine.

    Including a downloadable timeline, in this post we take a look at the thirteen feature films and three short films directed by the incredible Stanley Kubrick.

  • The Films of The Beatles

    Formed in Liverpool in 1960, by the time of their break-up, only a decade later, ‘The Beatles’ had changed the face of popular music forever.

    Those ten frenetic years saw the production of twelve ground-breaking albums (five of which won the “Album of the Year” Grammy), three-hundred and five songs (of which seventeen reached number one in the U.K.) and five films (one of which received an Oscar).

    In this blog post, we take a look at those five films, perhaps the most underrated part of the fab-four's work.