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Summer Holiday Viewing - Movies With Ali Plumb

BBC - Movies with Ali Plumb


Eight weeks in to its theatrical run, Joseph Kosinski’s fantastic aviation sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, is still flying high. Last week it took another $24M at the U.S. Box Office, adding to the $1.2B it has taken globally.

To date, it is the only 2022 film to break $1B, and, it is hard not to feel pleased as punch for Tom Cruise. Despite a career of over forty years, he has never won an Oscar and (until Maverick) never had a mega-blockbuster $1B movie. In every press interview and media experience he is a consummate professional – engaged, smiles and laughter, and never short of time.

It is clear that he puts his all in to every movie and it genuinely appears to be driven by a desire to create the best cinema experience that he can. (Lord knows he doesn’t need the money.)

A great example of his good humour and passion can be found in his recent interview with BBC film critic, Ali Plumb. Plumb is clearly a lover of the blockbusters that delight families world-wide. I use the world ‘nerd’ with great affection. (People in glass houses should not throw stones.) Plumb is clearly one.

In over 140 filmed interviews with the biggest film stars in the world he injects disarming humour, irreverence and insights, clearly making his interviewees feel at ease. The results are entertaining and packed full of trivia. We love them.

Here is that interview with Cruise (UK only). Well worth a watch…


The BBC's Ali Plumb interviews TomCruise


If you enjoy that, why not check out his interviews with the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch, Jude Law, Natalie Portman, Tom Holland, Keanu Reeves, Edgar Wright and a hundred more film-makers and movies stars? You can find them all here.



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Fantastic original movie posters from Art of the Movies

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