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  • Framing Movie Posters – What to Look For In A Frame…

    Our mission is to get more original movie posters where they belong – in to a frame and adding something special to a stylish home.

    But what should you look for when buying a frame for your movie poster?

    To help, here is the thinking behind our own range of movie poster frames…

  • Why Are Most Modern Movie Posters Double-Sided?

    Today, nearly all movie posters are printed double-sided. It wasn’t always that way. It wasn’t until the late 1980s / early 1990s that it became common practice.

    It is more difficult and it is more expensive. So why bother?

    In this blog post we answer the question "Why are movie posters double-sided?"

  • What is a Movie Poster Light Box?

    Have you noticed the movie posters at your local cinema?

    They radiate light, just like the movie screen.

    Ever wonder how it's done? 

    It's the magic of a cinema light box...

  • Movie Posters in a Stylish London Home...

    Our mission is to get more original movie posters on to your walls. We love coming across examples showing how fantastic they can look in a stylish home.

    This bright and airy room for relaxing shows how a home-cinema experience can be delivered without the need for a dedicated room...

  • Salon Hanging and Creating a Fantastic Cluster Wall

    Movie posters don’t just come in ‘large’. Over the last hundred or so years, studios have used a wide range of formats, many of them actually quite small.

    Whilst a smaller piece can provide a focal point on its own, they can also make a real impact when grouped together.

    This is commonly called ‘salon hanging’ or a 'cluster wall’. In this blog post, we take a closer look at this style of hanging.

  • Vintage Movie Posters - An Interior Designer's Perspective...

    Our mission is to get more Original Vintage and Contemporary Movie Posters in to people’s homes and on their walls. We love seeing how people have framed and incorporated posters in to their lives. As a result, we are always thrilled when we stumble across a photo of a beautiful framed movie poster...

  • What is the Right Height to Hang Art?

    We founded Art of the Movies with a simple goal, to get more Original Vintage Movie Posters out of drawers and long-forgotten boxes and, where they should be, hanging on walls.

    Once any piece of art is framed, the next exciting challenge is choosing where to hang it in the home, and importantly, what height it should be hung at.

    In this blog post we explore the right height to hang your newly framed movie poster. (It applies equally well to any piece of art.)

  • Framing Movie Posters - Choosing A Frame Colour To Enhance Your Poster....

    At Art of the Movies, we want to get long forgotten movie posters out of drawers and where they should be, on walls. This blog post explores how important your choice of frame colour can be, dramatically affecting how the viewer interprets your poster...