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Vintage Movie Posters - An Interior Designer's Perspective...

Here at Art of the Movies, our mission is to get more Original Vintage and Contemporary Movie Posters in to people’s homes and on their walls.

We love seeing how people have framed and incorporated posters in to their lives. As a result, we are always thrilled when we stumble across a photo like the one below…  

A teenagers bedroom with a framed movie poster on the wall
 Photo credit: design - Smartstyle Interiors, photography - Daniela Exley

We decided to find out more…

Have you heard of TED?

No, not the foul mouthed bear film with Mark Wahlberg, but the not-for-profit organisation that publishes thought-provoking and inspirational short films on Technology, Entertainment and Design.

Since 2006 they have published over 2600 ‘TED Talks’ on topics as diverse as ‘The Mathematics of Love’, ‘3 Things I Learned When My Plane Crashed’ and ‘The Transformative Power of Street Art’.

It was here that we found Phoebe Oldrey’s fantastic TED Talk “Interior Design is about more than Wallpaper and Beanbags”.

Within it, Phoebe explores the importance of ‘home’, reflecting that making our house / flat / apartment a ‘home’ is about more than just frivolity and ‘pretty things’. The home is where we nurture and protect our loved ones, where we find our own sanctuary from the chaos of the world, and, it is where we express ourselves.

Phoebe believes in the importance of creating homes that give contentment by meeting our physical, visual and emotional needs.

It was Phoebe that designed the ‘tweenagers’ bedroom within which the superb ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movie poster hangs.

The room is of course beautiful, but far more than that, it has been designed to reflect the uniqueness of the occupant, from the careful balancing of child and adult aspects, to the book space, toy space and instruments, and, to the artwork that hangs on the walls, Phoebe has created a functional and emotional sanctuary.


A teenagers bedroom with a movie poster framed and on the wall
 Photo credit: design - Smartstyle Interiors, photography - Daniela Exley


The movie poster takes centre stage. 

We contacted Phoebe to ask her about the use of original vintage movie posters within interior design… 


“Treating movie posters like art really adds a huge statement to any room. The great thing is that some of the original posters come in large sizes. They have real impact when framed and hung.

However, movie posters don’t just fill a wall. They express so much about the person who lives there. You instantly know what makes them tick.

Whether they love ‘Star Wars’, ‘Bullet’ or ‘Gone with the Wind’, if you have hung a movie poster on your wall that film must have a special place in your heart.”


We couldn’t agree more.

An original movie poster has a direct connection to the film that it was created to publicise. The production team will have considered numerous designs, potentially working with a variety of artists. The poster they finally selected represented everything they wanted to say about their creation. It was, perhaps, as important as the film itself.

The posters we sell extend that connection. They have been distributed to cinemas and have told a story to the public. Then, when the film closed, someone cared for them. They weren't binned. They weren't pulped. Someone loved them enough to save them, and, perhaps, to cherish them, often for decades.

That history, sometimes visible in the form of wrinkles or pin-holes, can be felt in the poster. It is as much a vintage piece as your favourite 1960’s sideboard or Victorian fireplace. It has an honesty and an originality that can't be gained from a reproduction.

We know that can be felt in the home. It can help create the physical, visual and emotional contentment that we all need.

Why not take a look and find your poster today?


Adam and the Art of the Movies team.

P.S. We’d like to thanks Phoebe for helping us with this blog post. Her company, ‘Smartstyle Interiors’ can be found here.


Adam Kennedy in St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK on Houzz 



Fantastic original movie posters from Art of the Movies

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