A Jaws Quad movie poster in an ART OF THE MOVIES Quad Movie Poster Light Box
An Art of the Movies Quad Movie Poster Light Box
A Guardians of the Galaxy Quad movie poster in an ART OF THE MOVIES Quad Movie Poster Light Box
A Star Wars Quad movie poster in an ART OF THE MOVIES Quad Movie Poster Light Box
The Art of the Movies Quad Movie Poster Light Box

Cinema / Movie Poster Quad Light Box - Make Your 30x40 Movie Posters Come to Life!

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Height: 79 cm  Width: 104.5 cm  Depth: 1 cm

Watch your UK quad 30x40 double-sided movie posters come to life in an Art of the Movies Light Box!

Nearly all modern movie posters are printed double-sided, with the reverse of the poster a lighter-shaded mirror image of the front. This is to enable use in a back-lit movie poster frame known as a Cinema Light Box.

When the poster is illuminated from behind, the double-sided printing gives increased colour saturation and image depth, the movie poster comes to life!

The Art of the Movies Light Box provides this experience in your home. It uses low energy LEDs and an innovative nano-technology light panel to provide even brightness across your poster, all in an ultra-slim, light-weight package.

The simple snap-frame allows your posters to be swapped quickly and easily, enabling the display of new posters without the need for custom framing.

As standard your Light Box is supplied with a clear plastic glazing sheet to protect your poster while it is being displayed. An anti-glare option is available that removes glare and reduces reflections where these need to be minimised, such as in a home-cinema or areas with high sunlight.

Your Light Box is supplied with a remote control but can also be wi-fi connected with an optional adapter to allow group control through either a mobile phone app or Amazon Alexa!

For custom designed home automation systems, your Control4, Crestron or Savant dealer will be able to integrate Art of the Movies Light Boxes in to your home automation design.

There is no better way to display your double-sided 30x40 UK Quad movie posters and they are a must have for any home cinema!

(We also offer fantastic custom made traditional frames for movie posters.)

The Technical Stuff...

The Light Box's design has passed stringent independent testing to British (EN60598) and European (LVD 2014/35/EU) safety standards.

It is supplied with a standard UK mains plug and 12V DC power supply. Just plug in and watch your movie posters come to life!

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Please contact us before ordering Light Boxes from outside of the UK, so we can obtain accurate shipping costs before you place your order. 

Posters are not included.