Light Box FAQs

Movie Poster Light Boxes    

What Is a Movie Poster Light Box?

A Movie Poster Light Box is the poster frame your double-sided movie posters were designed for. It makes your movie posters come alive!

You can read about how they work in this Light Box Blog Post.

I have heard this type of frame called a Back-Lit Frame and an Illuminated Poster Frame. Are they the same thing?

Yes, exactly the same. Those terms are used interchangeably to describe a poster frame that provides integrated lighting of the poster from the reverse.

How do I know they are safe?

Our Light Boxes have been independently tested by a leading laboratory. Following stringent tests, they are certified to British (EN60598) and European (LVD 2014/35/EU) safety standards.

Will the light damage my poster?

No! Our Light Boxes use energy efficient LEDs that generate no heat and none of the ultra-violet (UV) light-waves that could damage your poster.

Will my movie poster work in one?

Our Light Boxes are specifically designed for 27 inch x 40 inch double-sided movie posters.

If your movie poster is 27 inches wide, 40 inches tall and is double-sided, then yes! This is the frame your posters were designed for!

Where can I get one?

That's easy! Just click here! 

How much is shipping?

Within the UK we ship for free using a 48 hour service. 

For Light Box orders outside of the UK, please contact us to discuss your location. We will obtain quotes from a couple of courier companies and come back to you.

Is any assembly required?

No, our Light Boxes are supplied fully built. All you need to do is unpack, add a poster and plug in!

How are they powered?

Each Light Box is supplied with its own power cable and a UK standard mains plug. 

What size are they?

Our Light Boxes are 104 cm (41 inches) tall, 72 cm (28 inches) wide and are a little over 1 cm (0.5 inches) deep.

How much do they weigh?

Our Light Boxes are incredibly light, weighing about 5 kg (~11 pounds) with a poster installed.

What colours do they come in?

Any colour you want. As long as that colour is black.

How easy is it to add and change posters?

It is really easy! The sides of our Light Box frames just snap-up. You can then lift out the plastic glazing and add or change the poster.

Instructions for adding a movie poster to an Art of the Movies Light Box

Once you are finished, you just snap the sides back down!

My poster is 27 inches x 40 inches, but it is single-sided, will it still work?

Your poster will still fit in a Light Box and it will still light up. Some of them look fantastic, but in general, the colour saturation will not be as deep as a double-sided poster. Take a look at this blog post for a comparison.

How can I tell which posters on your site will work well in a Light Box?

We have added a tag to all movie posters on the site that will work well in a Light Box. Each poster that is suitable displays this logo...


The Art of the Movies Light Box Ready logo


You can also use the automated filter to select posters that are 'Light Box Ready'.


 A screen shot from the Art of the Movies website


If you aren't sure about a poster, please do contact us and we will advise you.

How do your Light Boxes attach to the wall?

Just like hanging a picture. Each Light Box has integrated hanging fittings on the back. We also supply screws and rawl plugs, but please do ensure that you are using the right accessories for your wall type (concrete, plaster-board etc.).

If I have more than one in a room, can I use a single Remote Control?

While the optional remote control can in theory control more than one Light Box, it is not our recommended solution. If you have multiple Light Boxes and want to control them as a group, Home Automation is recommended (see below). This allows your Light Boxes to be controlled by Alexa or a mobile phone app.

Can I integrate them in to my Home Automation?

Yes! Our Wi-Fi Adapters enable your Light Boxes to be controlled through a mobile phone app and fully integrated in to an Amazon Home Automation environment, including Alexa voice control.


Alexa and Google Home Integration with an Art of the Movies Light Box

Are your Light Boxes guaranteed?

Yes, of course! We provide a 1 year guarantee with all Light Boxes.   

Have another question?

We are here to help, just ask us!