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  • Joker - All of the Movie Posters...

    As our favourite movie of the year becomes the first ‘R’ rated film to take $1B at the box office, rumours abound of a possible sequel.

    The movie posters for the film have been in high demand and the studio, agencies and distributors have excelled with some stunning images, using both art-house film-stills and illustration from some fantastic contemporary artists.

    In this week’s blog post, we pull together the ones we have found, and those that still elude us…

  • What is a Press Book?

    For many of us, the only examples of movie publicity that we come across are the movie posters that we know and love, but they are only one part of the huge marketing campaign that accompanied a film.

    Dating back to the 1910s studios have produced ‘press books’ to encourage a cinema manager to push their film harder than any other.

    To bring that to life, we take a good look at a film from 1969 and its press book, Guy Hamilton’s all-star World War II thriller “Battle of Britain”...

  • The Original Movie Poster Blog's First Birthday!

    This week marks the first birthday of the Original Movie Posters Blog - sixty-nine posts showcasing movie poster history, movie poster artists (old and new) and the latest in movie news.

    Thank you for reading and being a part of it!

    In celebration, this week we are going to take a look at this rare and intriguing Star Wars poster...

  • What are Teaser and Advance Movie Posters?

    When looking through our Catalogue of original vintage and contemporary movie posters, you will come across posters described as ‘advance’ or ‘teaser’ movie posters.

    In this blog post we take a look at what those terms mean…

  • Thomas Edison and the Movie Poster

    One of America's greatest inventors, Thomas Alva Edison was born in Ohio on the 11th February 1847. Largely home and self-schooled, the future direction of the young Edison’s life was set by a potentially tragic event.

    In this entry to the Original Movie Posters Blog, we look at how that shaped his life and eventually influenced the movie posters we see today...

  • The Indiana Jones of Movie Poster Collecting…

    This week sees a landmark exhibition at the newly renovated Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, Florida. “Coming Soon: Film Posters from the Dwight M. Cleveland Collection” takes over 200 posters from the 3000 held in the museum’s ’Cleveland Collection’ to present the largest ever museum exhibition of classic movie posters.

    In this week's blog post we take a little look at the fascinating background to this amazing collection...

  • What is a Movie Poster 'Snipe'?

    If you are looking at old movie posters, you will sometimes come across the term ‘a snipe’.

    In the context of movie posters, it’s not a type of wading bird or a sly comment, but, a piece of paper that has been stuck on to the poster, sometime after the poster was printed.

    There are a few reasons that might be done. Within this blog post we take a look at a few of them...

  • Salon Hanging and Creating a Fantastic Cluster Wall

    Movie posters don’t just come in ‘large’. Over the last hundred or so years, studios have used a wide range of formats, many of them actually quite small.

    Whilst a smaller piece can provide a focal point on its own, they can also make a real impact when grouped together.

    This is commonly called ‘salon hanging’ or a 'cluster wall’. In this blog post, we take a closer look at this style of hanging.

  • Oscar Fever and Movie Posters - A Fantastic Article from The Washington Post...

    It’s the weekend of the 91st Academy Awards and the film industry has Oscar fever. In the run-up, The Washington Post ran a fantastic article looking at the movie posters of some of the award hopefuls.

    It’s so good, we have to share it….

  • What is the Right Height to Hang Art?

    We founded Art of the Movies with a simple goal, to get more Original Vintage Movie Posters out of drawers and long-forgotten boxes and, where they should be, hanging on walls.

    Once any piece of art is framed, the next exciting challenge is choosing where to hang it in the home, and importantly, what height it should be hung at.

    In this blog post we explore the right height to hang your newly framed movie poster. (It applies equally well to any piece of art.)

  • Are Movie Posters a Good Investment?

    When choosing posters for our own home, we do not buy for investment, we buy for the love of the art. However, the market for guaranteed original vintage movie posters appears to be growing and prices appear to be rising, so, in this blog post, we attempt to answer the question...

    “Are movie posters a good investment?”

  • What are Lobby Cards / Front of House Cards?

    As the name suggests, Lobby Cards (as they are called in the U.S.) or Front of House Cards (as they are known in the U.K.), were designed for display in the lobbies and customer-facing areas of a cinema / movie theatre.

    In this blog post, we take a closer look at them, the smallest of movie posters...