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Ode To Action: A Tribute To Action Sequences

Explosive Movie Action Sequences


Since the earliest days of cinema, directors have pushed the technology of the day to thrill and excite the movie goer. The earliest action film was 1903's The Great Train Robbery, 12 minutes of (silent) excitement produced by the Edison Manufacturing Company.


Edison's The Great Train Robbery


It is fitting that it's director, Edwin S. Porter was one of the earliest movie innovators. Having become an acclaimed maker of cameras and projectors he was recruited by Edison, first as a cameraman and then a film-maker, drawing on his vast knowledge of the more complex narrative structures of contemporary European films to create a dramatic adventure of robbery, chase and shootout - even managing to squeeze some comic relief in to the 740 feet of film.


Edison's The Great Train Robbery



From Douglas Fairbanks' sword-wielding of the 1930's, to the explosive destruction of a James Bond villain's lair, the non-stop chase of an indestructible Terminator or the over the top stunts of a Fast and Furious sportscar, the action sequence always has a special place on the movie screen.

So, we were delighted to stumble across a very special homage. Produced by 'The Vintage Tribute', four and a half minutes of the greatest explosions, car chases and destruction scenes the cinema has ever scene.

Crank up your speakers and buckle up!



How many movies did you identify?


Adam and the Art of the Movies team.


Fantastic original movie posters from Art of the Movies

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