Congratulations to Movie Poster Legend Drew Struzan!

On the 8th October the Society of Illustrators held its (virtual) 2020 Awards Dinner and Hall of Fame Ceremony.

Founded in 1901 with the simple mission statement "... to promote generally the art of illustration and to hold exhibitions from time to time", the Society found itself also playing a vital public relations role in two World Wars.

In the more settled 1950's, the Society established its Hall of Fame, with artist Norman Rockwell recognised as its first member.

In each of the next sixty-two years, a small creme-de-la-creme group of illustrators has been added, including names as diverse as Beatrice Potter, Jack Kirby, Charles M. Schulz, Milton Glaser, Frank McCarthy, Robert McGinnis and Maurice Sendak. Each of them rewarded for "their distinguished achievement in the art of illustration".

2020's elite group included movie poster legend Drew Struzan.


An original movie poster for the film The Shawshank Redemption by Drew Struzan An original movie poster for the film Hook by Drew Struzan An original movie poster for the film Back To The Future by Drew Struzan

Congratulations Drew!

This wonderful film by Erik Sharkey and Jim Sanders includes a 'who's who' of Hollywood and movie poster artists paying tribute to the master - including a wonderful recreation by the one and only Michael J. Fox!



You can see a lot more of Drew's amazing movie posters in this blog post.

A true legend.


Adam and the Art of the Movies team.

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