2010 : The Year We Make Contact - 1984
2010 : The Year We Make Contact - 1984
2010 : The Year We Make Contact - 1984

2010 : The Year We Make Contact - 1984

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Condition: Very Good.

Never folded!

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Size: 68 cm x 102 cm (26.75 in x 40 in)

A guaranteed original 'one sheet' movie poster from 1984 for Peter Hyam's sci-fi sequel "2010 : The Year We Make Contact", follow up to Stanley Kubrick's "2001 : A Space Odyssey".

Starring Roy Scheider, John Lithgow, Helen Mirren, Bob Balaban and with Keir Dullea and Douglas Rain reprising their roles as David Bowman and HAL, the film follows the crews of American and Russian spaceships sent to uncover the fate of 2001's Discovery One.

This superb poster is a bit of a mystery. It is a 'full bleed' poster, meaning that the entire poster is printed, rather than having a border. It does not have an NSS reference number and also has what appear to be printing marks (check out our high resolution photos) in the top left quadrant. Perhaps it was a test print for the official printing run? We'll probably never know. What we do know is that it's a fantastic poster. One that will provide a real talking point in the home!

We only sell guaranteed original movie posters. We do not sell reproductions.

Note: This poster is priced unframed. Photos showing framed and 'in room' images are for illustration only. Please check our hi-res images and the sizing information shown above.