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Is The Mist Beginning To Clear?

 A close up of the movie poster for Godzilla v King Kong


As I write, it is a year to the day since the start of the first U.K. lockdown. It feels an under-statement to say that a lot has changed. Many lives have been lost. Unlike 'the snap' of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is nothing that can be done to bring them back.

But, like the MCU, we have also discovered that the world is full of superheroes. From the staff of the NHS, to care home workers, refuse collectors, delivery drivers, shop workers, teachers, farmers, postmen, bus drivers, train drivers and soldiers. From those battling to produce and test vaccines to those struggling to shield due to their age or medical risk profile. And, to the rest of us who have 'just kept going'. Everyone has shown their own unique set of superhero powers.


Banksy's Game Changer artwork for the NHS

Today, Banksy's 'Game Changer' artwork raised £14.4M for the NHS


Observing today's minute silence in memory of the victims was humbling, but as the UK passes the 50% vaccination point for all adults, there are also signs for optimism, for a better future.

In the face of lost loved ones, financial hardship and stalled dreams, it might seem churlish to talk of the cinema, but for many, an evening sat next to family and friends, eating popcorn, drinking coke and escaping from reality for a couple of hours is an important release. So, we were delighted to read today that the Cineworld group is making plans to reopen its cinemas and movie theatres.

A handful of its U.S. 'Regal' movie theatres will open in April. In the U.K., Cineworld cinemas will open in May, as long as government guidance permits.

Cineworld also announced that they have signed a deal with Warner Brothers to show films in cinemas for a month before they are available to stream at home. That is fantastic news for an industry decimated by the pandemic and with the long-term threat of 'straight to home streaming' also hanging over them.

First up, is the fourth movie of Legendary Pictures' 'MonsterVerse', Adam Wingard's monster face-off "Godzilla vs Kong"!


A movie poster for the MonsterVerse film Godzilla v Kong    An original movie poster for the MonsterVerse film Godzilla vs Kong


Starring Alexander Skarsgard, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry and two enormous and angry monsters, it will, according to director Wingard, have a definitive outcome!

Whatever your current circumstances, as Spring arrives here in the U.K., we hope that you are also seeing positive signs and feeling optimistic for the future.

See you next week.


Adam and the Art of the Movies team.


Fantastic original movie posters from Art of the Movies


  • Thank you Nigel. It is always really rewarding to get some positive feedback on the blog. Our own experience mirrors yours, movie nights at home have become a large part of our COVID-life. Although finding a single film that everyone fancies watching is often a challenge!

    Best wishes to everyone for a better 2021 and beyond.

    Adam @ Art if the Movies
  • Hi Adam,
    Many thanks for your articulate and poignant blog; every word so true. And not the least the importance of film. I have a few friends in the arts and their worlds have been decimated. It is desperately sad to witness.
    We (Team Powell) have missed going to the pub and restaurants (haven’t we all?) but going to the theatre and the cinema has always been special and not doing so has left a huge hole. Therefore, Saturday night is movie night. We have been taking it in turns to select a movie, close the curtains, turns the lights out, surround sound on and immerse ourselves in a great movie. Maltesers not popcorn, beer not Coke I’m afraid!
    Thanks again for taking the time to write to us.
    Best wishes to you and the family.

    Nigel Powell

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