Gift Card FAQs

Art of the Movies Gift Cards

How do Gift Cards work?

It's really easy! Simply choose the right value and checkout. We will email you a Gift Card with a unique code that the recipient can use during checkout against everything we offer. All you have to do is forward the mail. You can find our Gift Cards here.

What value Gift Cards do you offer?

As standard, we offer a range of denominations between £10 and £1000. If you cannot see the value you need, please contact us. We can issue a Gift Card for any value.

How quickly are Gift Cards emailed out?

Gift Card emails are issued immediately after you complete checkout. You can have your gift with your loved one in minutes.

Can a Gift Card be used more than once?

Yes, provided there is still a balance remaining on the Gift Card.

Can more than one Gift Card be used towards a purchase?

Yes. Multiple Gift Cards can be redeemed against a single purchase during checkout.

How can I check the remaining balance on a Gift Card?

If you need to know the balance remaining on your Gift Card, please contact us. It only takes a minute for us to check and to let you know.

Can Gift Cards be cashed in?

No. Gift Cards are only redeemable against purchases from the store.

Do Gift Cards have an expiry date?

No. Our Gift Cards do not have an expiry date. We add new posters each week, so take your time and find a poster that you really love!

Can you send a physical Gift Card in the post?

We do not currently produce physical Gift Cards, but if you would like something sent in the post, do let us know and we can produce a simple card or printed message.

Have another question?

We are here to help, just ask us!