Custom Framing FAQs

 A selection of framed movie posters

I see you offer framing, how does that work?

It's really easy! 

If you are buying a poster from us and are on our website then...


How ART OF THE MOVIES framing works

If you are using our mobile phone app, then we use the same colour coding. Just add the poster and the right colour frame to your cart and checkout. We will do the rest.


Frames are also colour coded in our mobile phone App


If you already have a poster, then measure it very carefully and choose the right colour frame. We then make and deliver a frame to you, with simple instructions for fitting your poster.

How long does framing take?

You should allow two weeks for our framers to frame your poster and deliver it to you. 

How much does shipping cost?

Within the U.K., we ship all framed posters for free.

Since the COVID pandemic the volume of packages being transported has increased the strain on International courier networks, as a result we are currently unable to ship frames outside of the United Kingdom.

How do I know that the frame I choose is the right size?

We have tried to make this as easy as possible!

Alongside each poster you will find a colour-coded frame icon, just like the one below.

An ART OF THE MOVIES poster web-page showing the colour coded frame icon


Click on the 'Frames & Signs' menu at the top of the page and look for the same coloured frame - for this James Bond poster, the blue colour-coded frame size.

 The ART OF THE MOVIES collection of frame sizes

You can then choose a frame. The page will automatically refresh to display your frame and the right price.

An ART OF THE MOVIES frame page

When you are ready, just click 'ADD TO CART' and checkout. 

Why can't I see a frame colour-code on this poster?

We offer framing through the website for the most common movie poster formats, but there are other sizes. For these, and posters that may require restoration prior to framing, please contact us if you would like to discuss framing.

Will framing damage my poster?

No. Our frames use materials designed to protect your poster, including a pH / acid neutral barrier board (behind your poster) and if you choose it, a pH / acid neutral mount.

Should you ever need to remove your poster from its frame, the framing process is professionally reversible.

What glazing do you use?

All frames are glazed using Clarity+ Perspex. While being safer than glass it is also crystal-clear and weighs about half of the glass equivalent.

If your poster will be hanging in direct sunlight, then glazing with certified levels of UV protection are available.

What frames do you offer?

We have carefully selected six different frame types and provide each in two widths. 



A painted ayous wood frame with a flat profile.

~20mm wide for smaller posters and ~35mm for larger.



~20mm wide (click to enlarge)

Painted black frame - wide

 ~35mm wide (click to enlarge)



A painted ayous wood frame with a flat profile.

~20mm wide for smaller posters and ~35mm for larger.



Thin White Painted Frame

~20mm wide (click to enlarge)

Thick White Painted Frame

 ~35mm wide (click to enlarge)



A barefaced oak wood frame with a flat profile.

~20mm wide for smaller posters and ~35mm for larger.



20mm oak frame

~20mm wide (click to enlarge)

35mm oak frame 

 ~35mm wide (click to enlarge)


A stained ayous wood frame with a flat profile.

~20mm wide for smaller posters and ~37mm for larger.

A flat profile 20mm ayous wood frame stained in Mahogany

~20mm wide (click to enlarge)

A flat profile 37mm ayous wood frame stained in Mahogany

~37mm wide (click to enlarge)


An angled profile pine and spruce wood frame painted in black and with a gold sight-line. 

~23mm wide for smaller posters and ~70mm for larger.

23mm modern black and gold frame 

~23mm wide (click to enlarge)

70mm modern black and gold frame 

~70mm wide (click to enlarge)


A scoop profiled ayous wood frame stained and with a gold sight-line.

~27mm wide for smaller posters and ~42mm for larger.

 27mm classic brown and gold frame

~27mm wide (click to enlarge)

42mm painted brown and gold frame 

 ~42mm wide (click to enlarge)

What colour mount do you use?

We use an Iced White mount for all framed posters. It is a chalky coloured white that we find works well with movie posters.

While all screens vary, the image below gives you a good idea of the colour.

The Iced White mount board that we use for framing movie posters

How much of my poster will be covered by a mount?

Very little. We overlap your poster by around 4 millimetres. This keeps your poster in place and prevents it 'popping out' from behind the mount. 

If your poster has a few edge 'dinks' then a mount is a great way of covering them.

I have already bought a poster, can you send me a frame?

Yes, we can. Please do measure and re-measure your poster and then let us know the dimensions. As we make each frame to order we cannot accept returns. If you are in any doubt, do contact us

Can I return a framed poster?

If your framed poster arrives faulty or damaged, please do contact us and we will put things right.

Otherwise, as all of our frames are custom made to order, we are unable to accept returns.

Have another question?

We are here to help, just ask us!