Video Now On-Line - Masters of the Illustrated Film Poster - The Sequel!

Ever wondered who was responsible for the movie posters hanging in your home? (We do hope you all have a few!)

When you think of a movie, it is often the movie poster that pops in to you mind's eye. Yet, the artists behind them are often uncredited, their signatures erased from their artwork and their names missing from the fifteen minutes of film credits.

We don't think that's fair, so it was fantastic to settle down a few Sundays ago and watch the Comic-Con@Home panel "Masters of the Illustrated Film Poster - The Sequel'.

Building on last year's ground-breaking panel this year's virtual discussion brought some movie poster legends and some 'new kids on the block' to our screens in a fascinating discussion that showed the mutual respect and admiration between a group that have shaped so much of our popular culture.

And now, you can watch it on-line, at any time. Enjoy!



Apparently the group talked for well over two hours. Perhaps there is a documentary to be made too?

We do hope so.

Don't forget that our blog carries an 'Artists' section and you can always search our movie posters for specific artist names too.

Adam and the Art of the Movies team.

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