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Tom Chantrell and the Star Wars 'Style C' Quad - A Fantastic New Documentary...

Asked for our favourite movie posters, one of the first on the list has to be the UK ‘Style C’ Quad for the original Star Wars film. It captures the action and adventure of the movie like no other poster.


The Star Wars Style C Quad Movie Poster by Tom Chantrell


Steering away from the fantastical posters originally produced for the film, Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz approached advertising agency Doyle Dane to produce a more dynamic poster featuring true-to-life images of the cast. Doyle Dane turned to experienced movie poster artist Thomas Chantrell to realise the vision.

Kurtz described it as “… the dirty dozen poster...” as the one sheet for that movie is similarly dynamic and also features the cast leaping out towards the viewer.


A movie poster for the film The Dirty Dozen


Whilst that poster has (for most) been long forgotten, the Star Wars ‘Style C’ Quad is now one of the most sought after movie posters in the film. While originally produced for the UK market, it’s artwork can now be seen on walls (it is on the wall of our teenage son’s design and technology classroom), mugs, mouse mats and t-shirts world-wide.


A close up of the Star Wars Style C Quad poster by Tom Chantrell


We were delighted to come across a fantastic documentary by Convex Films focused on Tom Chantrell’s phenomenal body of work and the Style C quad in particular.

We were even happier when they gave us permission to share it with you via the blog.

It’s a great watch with fantastic insights in to the life of one of the great twentieth century movie poster artists.




If that has whetted your appetite, why not take a look at the Tom Chantrell movie posters we currently have available?


Adam and the Art of the Movies team.


Fantastic original movie posters from Art of the Movies

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