The Stars of Movie Posters Quiz!

Given the fantastic response to our earlier movie poster quizzes, we have devised another!

Everyone has their favourite actors and the best of them can amaze us with their versatility. With modern make-up and CGI, they are often almost unrecognisable.

Below you will find ten fantastic actors. All have played a range of roles in major films. We have taken some of their movie poster images and combined them.

How many can you identify?

There are two ways to play.

For a quick family friendly round, just identify the ten movie stars. Ten points on offer.

For the film fanatics amongst you, play the extreme version. Identify the ten film stars and then the films and the characters they played. A maximum of seventy-two points on offer here.

However you play, we hope you have a lot of fun. You can download a PDF and an image version below to send to your fellow competitors.

The ART OF THE MOVIES Stars of Movie Posters Quiz

The PDF Logo The Stars of Movie Posters Quiz - PDF version

The PNG logo The Stars of Movie Posters Quiz - image version


If you need them, you can find the answers here (but no cheating).

Hope you have fun with it!


Adam and the Art of the Movies team.

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