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Streaming This Sunday - Masters of the Illustrated Film Poster - The Sequel!

A lot has changed in the year since we talked to movie poster artist Paul Shipper for this blog post (June 2019).

At the time, San Diego Comic-Con was gearing up for its fiftieth year, including a ground-breaking panel “Masters of the Illustrated Film Poster” that brought eight amazing movie poster artists from behind their easels, to centre-stage of a packed auditorium.

Wind forward a year and the thought of a packed auditorium now seems alien.

How could Comic-Con possibly go ahead with the shadow of corona virus hanging over us?

It would be easy to give up. To conclude that the arts and pop culture aren’t important in the face of a global pandemic. That we all have other things to worry about. But that would be wrong. At times like this that is exactly what we all need. Some escapism. A bit of relief from the stress of isolation and the terrible statistics. Most of all, to be entertained. To relax and to smile.

So, we were absolutely delighted to learn that Comic-Con would not be giving up. For 2020, from 22nd to 26th July, Comic-Con will go-online as Comic-Con@Home, complete with a virtual exhibition hall and a phenomenal programme of pre-recorded streamed panels – including (drum roll) ‘Masters of the Illustrated Film Poster – The Sequel’!


Masters of the Illustrated Film Poster - The Sequel at Comic-Con 2020


For this year, ASIFA Hollywood and the Paul Shipper Studios have managed to bring out the big-guns! Alongside some fantastic names from last year’s panel they have recruited movie poster legends Greg Hildebrandt and Drew Struzan.


Movie posters by artist Greg Hildebrandt Movie posters by artist Drew Struzan

We spoke to this year’s host, Paul Shipper, about the panel. He explained that it had all had to come together very quickly, over the space of a couple of weeks. With the panel convening over Zoom across four different time zones.

Without the need to vacate an auditorium for the next panel, the group didn't have to rush their discussion on the state of the industry, their influences and how they see the movie poster industry developing.


Movie posters by Paul Shipper Movie posters by Steve Chorney

Proof that even in times of adversity, you can make extraordinary things happen if you really want to. It has even been picked up by IGN as part of their 'best of' Comic-Con coverage.


Movie posters by James Goodridge Movie posters by Rory Kurtz

“Masters of the Illustrated Film Poster – The Sequel’ will stream at 15:00 PST (that is 23:00 BST) this Sunday (26th July). You can register to watch, for free, through the IGN network.


Movie posters by Robert Rodriguez Movie posters by Akiko Stehrenberger

A rare opportunity to get to see and to hear from a group of artists that have influenced popular culture for over fifty years – don’t miss it.


Movie posters by William Stout



Adam and the Art of the Movies team


Fantastic original movie posters from Art of the Movies

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