Quiz - An A to Z of Movie Posters!

Even if you aren't a movie poster nerd, you will know far more movie posters than you realise. They encapsulate an entire film in a single image. Often, when you think of a film, it is the movie poster that you picture, rather than a specific scene from the movie.

So, here is our first movie poster quiz and we promise that you don't need to be the nerd to play! An 'A to Z' of movie posters. You will know all of the films - but how many can you recognise??

Perhaps a perfect addition to your lock-down quiz? You can download a PDF and an image version below to send to your fellow competitors.

The ART OF THE MOVIES A to Z of Movie Posters Quiz

The PDF Logo  A-Z of Movie Posters Quiz - PDF version

The PNG logo  A-Z of Movie Posters Quiz - image version


If you need them, you can find the answers here (but no cheating).

Hope you have fun with it! 


Adam and the Art of the Movies team.

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