Japanese Movie Poster Names and Sizes - A Downloadable Infographic

In this 'Poster Names and Sizes' post, we continue our series of handy Infographics. These sit alongside our more descriptive blog posts, each summarising the poster formats of a single country.

Together with the many beautiful posters for local releases, Japanese movie posters often provide fantastic unique artwork for western films too. For the collector looking out for the unusual, they are must see posters. 

So, this week, we head east to size up the Chirashi, the Nakazuri and the Tatekan!


An Infographic providing the names and sizes of movie posters from Japan. 


A PDF version is available for download below.

An Adobe PDF logo Japanese Movie Poster Names and Sizes Infographic


If you'd like a more in depth look at Japanese movie posters formats, do take a look at this blog post.

We hope that you find this Infographic (and the other posts in the 'Poster Names and Sizes' series) useful and that it inspires you to look at Japanese movie posters. They often provide unique and unusual posters for local releases and many of them provide great alternative takes on English language posters.

Why not take a look at our Catalogue and add one to your home today?


Adam and the Art of the Movies team.

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