Fantastic original movie posters from Art of the Movies



A dreary January day, an impromptu lunch and some Movie Poster surprises...

Rain on a window pane


January in England is far from our favourite month. In amongst the rare days of crisp frosts and crystal clear skies, it can be cold, wet and dark, even when the sun is at its highest.

On a dank Saturday when you are running errands in the mist and catching up with weekend chores in the drizzle, there can be one saving grace – the great British pub.

And so it was today.

The Art of the Movies team found themselves a new pub for an impromptu lunch – ‘The Rose and Crown’, just outside Rickmansworth, on the north western fringe of London (pictured below on a sunnier spring day).

The Rose and Crown pub near Rickmansworth England

A roaring fire warmed and a real ale bar refreshed, before a superb lunch of burgers and pies.

But, there was another treat... look what we stumbled across amongst 17th century wooden beams and dried hops...

Famed movie stills

Movie stills and lobby cards provide a fantastic way to add some vintage interest and character to any room and this is a super selection of stills, framed simply, but really effectively.

Framed movie stills

They must have had great fun choosing which ones to include.

Amongst the myriad of Hollywood stars (Gene Wilder looks great!), we couldn’t help but spot Oliver Reed. He’d have loved the pub and we would have loved to have had a pint (or four) with him.

Framed movie stills

So, on a wet and windy January afternoon, we found a warm fire, a fantastic lunch and some great inspiration to select some lobby cards and movie stills for framing.

If you are in the area, we thoroughly recommend The Rose and Crown.

Look out for the movie stills!


Adam and the Art of the Movies team.


Fantastic original movie posters from Art of the Movies

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