An original movie poster for the film Highlander
An original movie poster for the film Highlander
An original movie poster for the film Highlander

Highlander - 1986

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Size: 69 cm x 102 cm (27 in x 40 in)

"There can be only one..."

A guaranteed original 'one sheet' movie poster from 1986 for Russell Mulcahy's classic "Highlander", based on a story by Gregory Widen.

This cult movie was initially overlooked by many, taking a modest return at the box office. It is now regarded as a classic. Christophe Lambert stars as Connor MacLeod, a warrior born in the Scottish Highlands in the 16th Century, trained by an Egyptian swordsman (Sean Connery) and destined to face a fierce-some foe, the Kurgan (Clancy Brown).

With music by Queen ("Who wants to live forever..."), the film has spawned five sequels and there is talk of a remake of the original, this time entitled "Highlander : The Reckoning".

Note that this poster (with superb artwork by Brian Bysouth) was issued folded, but remains in superb condition, especially as it is now over thirty years old. It has a ratings 'snipe' (sticker), in the lower right quadrant. This will have been added when the film received a 'R13' rating, most likely in New Zealand.

By the way, the initial working title for the film? "The Dark Knight"!

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